Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The key to low carb diets is to find something that can really work for you. The biggest problems with dieting is nutrition and crash course diets. Many people will focus on one type of food and and suffer a lack of nutrition because they are ommiting some nutrients completely. Crash course diets are very extreme where you alter you diet and lifestyle drastically and then relaspe to an unhealthy lifestyle. This reaks havoc on your body and can cause mood swings and depression. There are some very effective ideas that you can implement into your diet with just a little work and some will power. The first thing to start with is listing your goals. Most of us want to lose fat and not risk our health. We also want to do this with the smallest amount of effort. The great part is that the small amount of effort goal is the most important, and I'm not talking about a miracle pill. The most important thing that you need to accept is there is exercise involved, but not what you may think. People who join a gym and get on a treadmill for an hour everyday are helping their heart, but they are not efficiently on their way to weight loss. Muscle is the furnace that burns fat. When you jog, your muscles move and your lungs breathe but your body is not looking to burn fat for energy. It is looking for certain nutrients and protiens like omega 3 and omega 6. If you are jogging and lack the nutrients, your body will burn muscle. This process is counter productive because your muscle is what will burn fat over time. The key is to build muscle with some resistance training. That way when you get out of a chair or lift a bag of goceries, your strong muscles will be burning more fat than a weakened muscle would. Target 4 or more muscles that you use a lot of would like to see improvement in and use free weights or weight machines to work out about 3 times a week. This only takes about 10 - 30 minutes depending on your speed, and you will see results in a couple of weeks with a healthy diet. Don't leave out some walking or joging, it is very good for your heart. The key is finding a healthy diet to fit resistance training and exercise. (See Part 2)

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